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Hong Tech Lyon at the Genting World Lion Dance Championship: A Tale of Growth and Determination

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Resorts World Genting Championship

The Genting World Lion Dance Championship is an international competition showcasing the art of lion dance. Lion dance is a traditional Chinese performance art that combines elements of martial arts, dance, and acrobatics. It is commonly performed during festive occasions, such as Chinese New Year and other cultural celebrations. The championship takes place at the Resorts World Genting, a popular integrated resort located in Genting Highlands, Malaysia.

The event attracts lion dance troupes from around the world to compete for the prestigious title. Participants demonstrate their skills, creativity, and coordination as they perform intricate lion dance routines. The Genting World Lion Dance Championship has gained international recognition and has become a prominent event in the lion dance community. It promotes cultural exchange, appreciation for Chinese traditions, and fosters friendly competition among lion dance troupes worldwide.

After a brief pause due to the pandemic, Resorts World Genting is once again proud to announce the comeback of the 14th Genting World Lion Dance Championship in 2023 this summer:

Preliminary Rounds: 04 – 05.08.2023 (Friday & Saturday) from 10am onwards

Finals: 06.08.2023 (Sunday) from 12nn onwards

Arena of Stars

Our participation:

The Early Steps:

In 2016, Hong Tech Lyon made its debut at the Genting World Lion Dance Championship, filled with excitement and determination. The competition was fierce, as lion dance troupes from around the globe showcased their skills and creativity. Although Hong Tech Lyon did not receive any awards that year, the participation allowed us to gain invaluable experience and exposed them to diverse lion dance styles and techniques.

Building on Experience:

Hong Tech Lyon returned to the championship in 2018, armed with newfound knowledge and a burning desire to shine. We meticulously fine-tuned their routines, paying attention to every detail, from synchronization to presentation. Our performance captivated the audience, but the judges' decision did not favor us in terms of awards. Nevertheless, the experience further solidified our commitment to improvement and motivated us to strive for excellence.

The upcoming determination:

This year, Hong Tech Lyon eagerly prepares to showcase talents once again at the upcoming Genting World Lion Dance Championship. Armed with valuable experience from our previous attempts, the team has dedicated countless hours to training and perfecting their routines. As the competition draws near, Hong Tech Lyon eagerly awaits our turn on the grand stage of the Genting World Lion Dance Championship. We approach the event with excitement and a deep appreciation for the opportunity to showcase our passion for lion dance.

Looking forward to our participation this summer!

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