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Hong Teck Lyon

is a cultural and sporting association which aims to develop and promote the culture of lion dance in France and around the world.

Our Games

For which occasion ?

It is often mistakenly believed that lion dance is exclusively reserved for the Lunar New Year.

Think again!

The pretexts for hosting a lion dance are numerous: weddings, birthdays, baptisms, housewarmings, or even the inauguration of businesses and companies...

We adapt to all types of events!

There are many stories explaining the origin of the lion dance. It started in China, Malaysia or ... Egypt. According to ancient anecdotes, the images of the lion representing resistance and strength, appeared at the beginning of the Egyptian empire.

Our catalog

The symbol that accompany us during the shows. Each one has its own unique name, beautiful color and special meaning. Discover the lions you are interested in below!

Our Lions

Our Dragons